How to Grow Your Email List Through LinkedIn

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December 8, 2021

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How to Grow Your Email List Through LinkedIn

Did you know that you can gain even more contacts and grow your email list through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, created in 2002 in Mountain View, California, quickly rose to stardom with its astonishing growth of revenues and profitability by 2006, making it the first social network to do so. It then became the most popular site for professional networking and by June 2010 it reached over 70 million users. So with this vast database of knowledge and connections at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you use it to gain more contacts and grow your email marketing list?

Still not convinced? Today, it has around 756 million members, and LinkedIn has over 1 billion interactions per month!

It is not only for employees and job seekers, LinkedIn has now become a great asset to businesses. You are able to easily establish credibility and a useful source in your industry by having an active LinkedIn account. Additionally, there are many LinkedIn strategies that can help expand your online presence and increase your visibility in your community. You’re able to share expertise and connect with other professionals in your industry.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, it is an amazing platform to directly communicate and interact with your clients and build even more relationships. This means it is a vital element that you should be using to grow your marketing strategies and expand your email marketing list.

Is Email Marketing Even Useful Today?

There seems to be an endless amount of social media platforms and digital marketing tools so it’s not surprising that you question the power of email marketing. But, despite all these new spaces and tools, email marketing still remains the best way to increase your ROI and engage with your customers.

To put it in perspective, 95% of people check their emails every day. Emails are a reliable way to build a bridge between you and your customers. But you should always try to have a growing email list, where you are reaching new clients and customers. That is where LinkedIn comes to help.

How to Grow Your List with LinkedIn

The main purpose of LinkedIn is to connect professionals with one another, AKA the online platform for networking, rather than marketing. One misstep and you could lose your valuable connection. So take advantage of your network and contacts to grow your email marketing list. Here is how you can use your LinkedIn to grow your email list:

Spice Up Your Profile

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new? Cyberstalk them? Us too. You probably search for them on the internet, the world of LinkedIn is no different. When you send a connection request to a potential customer, they’re even more likely to check out your profile and get more information about who you are. This is your opportunity to seal the deal, a LinkedIn profile is basically your business card for your or your organization.

Sprucing up your profile is easier than it sounds. Work on every aspect of your profile to make it compelling and professional. Have a professional photo, add relevant links, anything you have been working on lately or been mentioned in the news, and use words that will help optimize your SEO by using key search words. By incorporating keywords it will help your profile show up in searches. Your profile should be an accurate representation of your brand.

Generate and Nurture Your Leads

LinkedIn has a myriad of different lead generation tactics and tools. But the first step is to build your network and subsequently use it to grow your email list. The first step is to make a memorable first impression. This means getting creative with your connection request message. The default, almost everyone uses and you will surely not stand out from the crowd. Write a copy that will catch their eye and compel them to accept.

Next, make your move. Similar to dating, things may not work out if you send a message immediately or wait too long to make the first move. Don’t send a message the first second they accept your request. Wait for a little before making your introduction, typically 1 day later.

As a rule of thumb, a simple sales pitch isn’t going to cut it. It would be way more beneficial to do your research, and learn what they like or something you may have in common from their profile. That way you are able to personalize the message and explain how your product or service can benefit them specifically.

Join Different LinkedIn Groups

Joining relevant LinkedIn groups is a great way to find new leads and emails. Groups are amazing because of the numbers they hold and the members that are already interested in a specific topic.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of joining every single group you come across. You can easily lose hours by going down that rabbit hole. Additionally, LinkedIn only allows you to join a maximum of 100 groups so make sure you’re putting thoughts into the groups that you are joining. Use keywords that are relevant to your industry to try and find the most aligned groups.

Keep in mind that not everyone joins groups for the same reason. Some don’t use groups for business purposes. If a prospect has joined 5 or fewer groups, interacting with them via group probably means that it won’t be the best method of communication. You should target prospects who are members of 5 or more groups.

If you’re finding yourself stuck and your business industry doesn’t seem to fit in many of the groups on LinkedIn, you also have the option to make your own group. This will help you find like-minded individuals and more targeted leads.

Engage More

Engage more on your own LinkedIn page. This makes it more evident that you are active and there is a person behind the screen. It helps you engage in a more meaningful way and generate leads. If someone has liked or commented on one of your posts, make sure to follow up with a reply as well.

Continue to engage with your connections by liking, sharing, commenting, and posting different materials. This is a great way to find something in common with a prospect.

Once you have crafted a great network of like-minded people you’re able to get started gathering your list of contacts that you’d like to reach out to. Start by segmenting your list and drafting a template that seems personal to each segment. Then you’re able to send your list a message and be able to explain your product or service while also providing them a link to your site and subscribe list to get further updates.

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