Blaze Verify Makes Email Verification Easy - Helping Businesses Send Smarter Campaigns

June 12, 2018

Blaze Verify Makes Email Verification Easy - Helping Businesses Send Smarter Campaigns

HICKSVILLE, N.Y., Jun. 12, 2018 (PRWEB) - Recently launched out of beta, Blaze Verify delivers real-time email address verification solutions that improve data quality, deliverability, and email marketing ROI. Fast, accurate, and reliable, their self-service tools and developer API make it easy for any business to get started validating emails.

According to Hubspot, email lists literally deteriorate over time with 22.5% of a given list expiring each year due to job swaps, changes in email providers, and users unsubscribing from emails. Improving data quality with Blaze Verify not only saves businesses money, but it also improves sender reputation. Their services allow businesses to achieve a higher marketing ROI by providing users with clean, deliverable lists that yield more efficient email campaigns.

"Over the years we've built numerous internet companies using email campaigns as one of our main marketing channels. We found ourselves unhappy with the current options available for list cleaning and set out to create a solution that fixed our issues and provided a viable alternative for others as well. Blaze Verify adds automation so there is no room for human error and data is verified and validated without human delay," says Sean Heilweil, CEO of Blaze Verify. "Additionally, while adopting the pay per email model, we felt the need for an additional subscription model that allows data to be up-to-date and the solution to be as cost-effective as possible."

Blaze Verify is the first email verification solution to offer both a pay-per-email option and a subscription alternative. Their subscription model ensures that lists are never out of date because users can verify their lists as they acquire new emails, making it the most affordable solution to keep data current.

For businesses both big and small, this new service is paving the way for accessible email list cleaning. Blaze Verify ensures email campaigns are more profitable with their easy-to-use solution that improves deliverability, sender reputation and allows businesses to get the most out of their marketing budget.

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