HICKSVILLE, N.Y., Nov. 6, 2019 (Newswire) - Blaze Verify, a leading email verification solution, recently partnered with Sendinblue, a worldwide relationship marketing platform, to enable their users to verify their email lists, and send more effective email marketing campaigns. The new union helps Sendinblue users to protect their domain reputation, increase their ROI, and secure inbox placement.

Email marketing is essential for businesses to sell their products, connect with users and generate new leads. As businesses grow their email lists, the number of email addresses that become undeliverable increases; up to 2% of email addresses go bad every month. Sending to undeliverable email addresses can risk a business' sender reputation and cause emails to land in the spam folder. Email verification determines the deliverability of each email address on a given list, allowing companies to put the focus on only sending to potential customers. Blaze Verify is a reliable email verification solution that improves email deliverability and helps to reduce bounce rates.

Quentin Usson, Head of Alliances at Sendinblue, says of the collaboration, "We're very enthusiastic about combining our top-notch email marketing platform with Blaze Verify's expertise in the perpetual battle for eliminating bounces. We trust this partnership will strengthen our customers' marketing practices with little effort."

On the partnership, Blaze Verify CEO, Sean Heilweil says, "It's important for businesses of any size to practice good email list hygiene. Now, Sendinblue users can validate their email list data before getting started and have even better deliverability of their email campaigns. We are excited to partner with Sendinblue."

To learn more about Blaze Verify's integration with Sendinblue, click here.

About Blaze Verify

Blaze Verify is a leading email verification solution created for marketers and developers. Blaze Verify was built knowing the importance of email verification and understanding that it shouldn't be expensive and hard to manage; instead, it should be an essential step in any email marketing strategy. Blaze Verify offers a more affordable, faster and user-friendly real-time solution. To learn more, visit BlazeVerify.com.

About Sendinblue

Headquartered in Paris, France, with offices in India, Germany, and the United States, Sendinblue provides an all-in-one digital toolbox for small and medium-sized businesses. Serving over 80,000 paying clients in over 150 countries reaching more than 1 billion collective customers worldwide, Sendinblue is the leading relationship marketing suite for growing businesses. The company provides businesses with ways to build and strengthen relationships with their customers through email, SMS, Facebook, chat and more.

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