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  • GDPR Compliant

  • 99% Accuracy

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Trusted by 200,000+ businesses across 185+ countries

Improve your domain reputation

Optimize your sender domain reputation by maintaining a clean mailing list.

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Bulk Email List Verification

Validate Emails in Bulk

Improve email deliverability and start maintaining a healthier mailing list with just a few clicks.

  • Improve email deliverability by up to 99%

  • Reduce bounces by removing invalid and risky emails

  • Customize exports and view comprehensive reports

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Bulk Email List Verification
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Email Verification API

Built by Developers for Developers

Quickly build production-ready integrations with modern tools and simple documentation. Our email verification API is easy to use and quick to set up.

  • Start using email verification with our simple HTTP API or use one of our client libraries to make it even easier

  • Engineered with scalability and reliability in mind

  • Secure by design

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const api_key = '{api_key}'
const email = '{email}'
const emailable = require('emailable')(api_key)

  .then(response => console.log(response))
  .catch(error => console.log(error))
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Simple Automatic Results

Automated List Cleaning

Improve list hygiene by automating the email validation and verification process directly inside your database.

  • Maintain optimal deliverability rates with ease

  • Maximize your ability to reach the right inbox

  • Select which emails are removed from your list with our extensive custom configurations

Explore Automation
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Real-time Email Validation Widget

Block Invalid Emails

Stop invalid emails from reaching your database. Add real-time email validation to any HTML form by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code.

  • Ready to install within seconds

  • Validate emails at the point of capture

  • Fully customizable parameters

Customize a Widget
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Check Email Deliverability

Inbox Placement and Insights

Monitor key metrics affecting your inbox placement, and learn how to improve email deliverability.

  • Comprehensive inbox metrics and blacklist monitoring

  • Identify authentication problems causing delivery failures

  • View perceived Inbox Placement for the email providers in your list

Increase Deliverability
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Here’s why customers love us

We provide a simple yet sophisticated email verification tool, ready to implement within seconds.

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Our Guarantees

We are committed to providing the fastest and most accurate email verification tool

  • 99%

    Deliverability Guarantee

    We guarantee that no more than 1% of emails verified as Deliverable will bounce upon sending.

  • 30k+

    Emails Verified per Minute

    We verify emails over 8x faster than the competition, verifying 100,000 emails in under 3 minutes.

  • 99.99%

    Platform Uptime

    Our secure and robust global infrastructure provides exceptional performance to customers around the world.

  • 24/7

    Customer Support

    Our team of experts are located around the globe and are available 24 hours a day.

Platform Highlights

Improve email deliverability by detecting errors, reducing risk, and enriching your data with scalable solutions

Data Enrichment

  • SMTP Provider Details

    Enriches email addresses with their SMTP Provider. (ex: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo)

  • Misspelled Domains

    Enriches email addresses that have common typos in the domain with potential corrections.

  • MX Record Detection

    Enriches email addresses with their MX record.

  • Name Detection

    Enriches email addresses with a first and last name.

  • Gender Detection

    Enriches email addresses with the gender based on the determined name.

Validation and Verification

  • SMTP Verification

    Ensure the deliverability of an email address by connecting to the mail server.

  • Syntax Validation

    Ensure the email address has the proper characteristics of a legitimate email address.

  • Domain Validation

    Ensure that the domain hosting the email address exists and is working properly.

Reduce Risk

  • Disposable Detection

    Identify if an email address is provided by a disposable email service.

  • Accept-All Detection

    Identify if an email address belongs to an Accept-All mail server. These servers appear to accept all emails, but can still cause bounces.

  • Free Detection

    Identify if an email address is provided by a free email address service.

  • Role Detection

    Identify role-based email addresses that do not belong to a person, but rather a group of people.

  • Tag Detection

    Identify email addresses with an added tag.

  • Email Quality Score

    Every email address on your list will get a quality score from 0 to 100.

  • Mailbox Full Detection

    Identify email addresses that currently have a full mailbox.

  • No Reply Detection

    Identify email addresses that should not be replied to.

  • Character Detection

    Identify email addresses with irregular character patterns.

Scalable Solutions

  • Email Verification API

    Start using email verification in your application with our HTTP API or by using one of our client libraries in Node.js, Ruby, or Python.

  • Unlimited API Keys

    Create an unlimited number of Private or Public API keys, and set them to Live or Test mode.

  • Integration Options

    Verify emails from 50+ apps including native integrations from: Active Campaign, Brevo, HubSpot, MailChimp, Salesforce, Sendgrid and many more.

  • Customized Exports

    Choose from a comprehensive list of options before exporting the most relevant contact list for your business.

  • Automatic Verification

    Use Monitor to automate email list cleaning.

  • Team Accounts

    Share credits, manage usage, and share results throughout your organization.

More Helpful Highlights

  • Anti-Greylisting Technology

    Our platform adheres to the latest anti-greylisting protocols and uses proprietary systems to ensure we provide the fastest and most accurate results.

  • Email Deduplication

    Our platform detects and removes duplicate email addresses from your lists.

  • Implicit MX Support

    Our platform is able to properly verify email addresses that utilize Implicit MX records.

Here’s what our customers think

Being a smaller company, every email send is crucial to us. Emailable has helped our email marketing efforts, as it ensures our emails are sent reliably. Our campaigns, after verifying, have a deliverability rating of 99%. The UI, ease-of-use, and reporting features are excellent!

R. Rajendra
Paragon Genomics logo

Emailable has been the saving tool during my prospects! It helps me maintain excellent SMTP deliverability.

J. Figueiras
SAP logo

I've been looking for a tool like this for a while. I came from the agency world where this was a common problem. Many of our clients didn't regularly email their database so it was always a bit risky to start an email marketing program for them.

B. Barry
Aptitive logo

I didn't know how many leads I missed due to bad invalid lists and sending reputation problems. Emailable has made it very quick and easy to dramatically improve the quality of the campaigns and to generate new sales opportunities through email. I strongly recommend it!

I. Castro
Rock Content logo

Here at leadlovers, we are always looking for smart tools that help us to improve our email deliverability even more. By integrating Emailable in the lead acquisition flow, we got amazing results in the prevention of sending reputation issues.

F. Milek
leadlovers logo

We’ve tried several tools, but Emailable has now become our go-to tool for email verifications. It’s easy to use, accurate, and provides a level of detail that we haven’t seen from any other tool.

C. Castillo
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