WordPress email verification plugin

Emailable's WordPress plugin ensures you only collect valid emails by verifying them in real-time.

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Benefits of email validation at the point of capture

Install our WordPress email verification plugin in no time and start verifying in real-time.

  • Keep your list clean

    Good list hygiene is essential to successful email marketing.

  • Block bad emails

    Protect the quality of your lists by blocking undeliverable emails from entering.

  • Ensure higher open rates

    A clean list will be seen by more people and result in a higher ROI.

  • Set up with ease

    Just copy and paste your API key to get started.

  • Protect domain reputation

    Avoid being blacklisted by only sending to valid emails.

  • Set your own rules

    Decide what should be allowed or blocked from your lists.

Integrate with your current forms

The email verification plugin works with all major WordPress Forms and plugins including, but not limited to WordPress default forms, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and Jetpack Forms.

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Set your own rules

Easily configure the type of emails you want to let through. Choose allowed states and filters, customize error messages, and more.

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