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Clean old lists, keep them healthy, and filter out the bad emails. We’ve got you covered.

Bulk Email Checker

Clean your lists with ease.

Use our bulk email verifier to improve deliverability and campaign performance in no time.

  • Reduce bounces by removing bad emails from your lists.

  • Improve your email deliverability by up to 99%.

  • Add email validation features to your own app using our APIs.

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List Cleaning Automation

Automate your email verification.

Put your list cleaning on autopilot and let Monitor do the work for you. Your lists will be automatically synced and reverified every single day.

  • Keep only deliverable addresses on your list.

  • Select which emails are removed from your list with our custom configurations.

  • Improve deliverability and secure inbox placement.

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Real-Time Email Checker

Verify emails at the point of capture.

Add our real-time email checker to your current HTML forms by just copying and pasting a few lines of code. No custom coding needed.

  • Block invalid emails before they are added to your database.

  • Customize which attributes to include.

  • Integrate into your existing website in no time.

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Deliverability Tool Suite

Ensure your emails hit the inbox.

Monitor key metrics that are preventing you from reaching the inbox and learn how to improve them.

  • Get comprehensive reports on key metrics that are impacting your email deliverability.

  • Monitor your email servers for the most common cause of email deliverability issues.

  • Identify email authentication issues causing delivery failures.

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The global leader in independent customer reviews.

Our email checker tool is one of the highest rated in the industry.

  • 4.8/5

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A rock solid email checker.

  • Engineered for reliability

    Our battle-tested verification algorithm is used by customers in over 170 countries around the world. Our systems are powered by a globally distributed infrastructure and backed by a 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee.

  • Private by design

    Our storage servers are located in ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified data centers, and all information transmitted is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption.

  • 24/7 support

    Our dedicated customer support team is ready to help you at any time, and get questions answered quickly and effectively.

Fully equipped email verification solutions.

  • Disposable Email Detection

    We check your emails against a frequently updated list of known temporary email addresses.

  • Email Verification API

    Use our verification software directly in your platform and seamlessly remove useless data.

  • Accept-All Email Detection

    We find which addresses are associated with Accept-All servers so you can assess the risk in sending to those addresses.

  • MX Record Detection

    Our system provides you with the MX record of each email address on your list.

  • SMTP Provider Information

    Automatically determine the email provider that each email address is using.

  • Misspelled Domain Detection

    Identifies common typos in the email address domain and suggests a potential alternative.

  • Syntax Validation

    Ensures the address has all the characteristics of a legitimate email address before you send.

  • Domain Validation

    Checks that the domain name hosting the email address actually exists and is working properly.

  • SMTP Verification

    Determines the deliverability of an email address through the SMTP server.

  • Email Deduplication

    Our system detects and removes duplicate email addresses from your lists.

  • Role Email Detection

    Pinpoints role-based email addresses that are not for personal use.

  • Tagged Email Detection

    Identifies email addresses in your list with added tags.

  • Free Email Detection

    Identifies email addresses that belong to a free email address provider.

  • App Integrations

    Integrate Emailable with the email service provider, customer relationship manager, and marketing platforms you already use.

  • Email Quality Score

    We give every email address on your list a quality score from 0 to 100.

  • Anti-Greylisting Technology

    Our system adheres to the latest anti-greylisting protocols to give you the most accurate results.

  • Real-Time Results

    View the results of your email verification as we process the list in real-time.

  • Customized Exports

    Handpick and export only the email addresses you want to send to with ease.

  • Gender Detection

    Our system attempts to determine the gender of emails in your list.

  • Name Detection

    Our system attempts to enrich emails in your list with a first and last name.

  • Team Accounts

    Share credits, monitor usage, and share results throughout your organization.

  • Drag & Drop Interface

    Easily drag and drop or copy and paste your email list directly from your computer.

  • 99%+ Deliverability Guarantee

    We guarantee that no more than 1% of your emails marked as “deliverable” will bounce.

  • 24/7 Support

    We're here to help! Our friendly staff is available to answer questions through chat and email.

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