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  "accept_all": false,
  "did_you_mean": null,
  "disposable": false,
  "domain": "",
  "duration": 0.295,
  "email": "",
  "first_name": null,
  "free": false,
  "full_name": null,
  "gender": null,
  "last_name": null,
  "mx_record": "",
  "reason": "low_quality",
  "role": true,
  "score": 70,
  "smtp_provider": "google",
  "state": "risky",
  "tag": null,
  "user": "support"

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Quickly build production-ready integrations with modern tools and simple documentation. Our email verification API is easy to use and quick to set up.

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  • Webhooks

  • Client libraries in multiple languages

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Start using email verification in your project with our simple HTTP API. Or, use one of our client libraries to make it even easier.

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const api_key = '{api_key}';
const email = '{email}';
const emailable = require('emailable')(api_key);

  .then(function (response) {
  .catch(function (error) {
require 'emailable-ruby'

Emailable.api_key = '{api_key}'
import emailable

client = emailable.Client('{api_key}')

Visualize your usage

Get a high level view of your API usage. See how many verifications you perform over time with our custom charts, and gain insights into your responses with result statistics.

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Built to scale

Our API is engineered with scalability and reliability in mind. Businesses of every size, from startups to public companies, use our API to power their email verification.

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Used by developers all over the world.

Developers worldwide are using our API to verify their emails in real-time.

Secure by design

Trust that your data is secure. Along with our entire platform, our API is built using the latest industry standard security and privacy best practices. We are fully GDPR and Privacy Shield compliant.

  • HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections

  • All data is encrypted with AES-256

  • All data is deleted after 30 days

See why thousands of the world's largest companies trust Emailable for email deliverability.

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