4 Reasons Why You Should Worry About Cleaning Your Email List

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August 15, 2022

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4 Reasons Why You Should Worry About Cleaning Your Email List

Nowadays, email marketing is a core component of any digital marketing strategy. Email list cleaning is but a step, albeit essential when driving a successful email marketing campaign.

Making sure you’re emailing only valid email addresses not only protects your business from a poor reputation it also increases your performance and heavily influences your results in email marketing.

Below, we’ll list X reasons why it’s very important to make sure you have clean and verified email lists in your database.

Why you should worry about your email list cleaning

1. Reduce Bounces

The first reason why you want to have a clean email list is to reduce your bounce rate. There are two types of bounces:

Soft bounces happen when there is a temporary error in delivering the email, usually, these situations are caused by issues on the recipient’s side and normally are reported with (4.0.0) code status.

Hard bounces occur when the email address you’re trying to deliver to is Undeliverable, these bounces hurt your reputation as a sender and represent wasted efforts, spent in emailing bad contacts. These bounces are normally represented with (5.0.0.) status codes.

Through email list cleaning, you can avoid both of these types of bounces. Minimizing work, spending, and damage while maximizing efficiency, return, and growth.

2. Protect your reputation and sender score

Your sender reputation is crucial to your success as a digital marketer. If your score is low enough, your emails won’t be delivered.

A lot of parts play a role in your sender reputation (or sender score) such as the number of emails your business sends to contacts, how many bounces you have, and how many people interact with your emails (open rates, click-through rates, etc).

Make sure you’re only sending communications to clean email lists to be able to maximize these factors and improve your score.

The higher your score, the better your inbox placement and the more successful your email marketing campaign will be.

3. Improved statistics

Analyzing the performance of your email campaigns is very important, therefore it is crucial to have access to accurate and reliable information based on the real performance of your campaign.

Emailing your campaign to clean email lists will not only minimize any related issues to sending emails to bad contacts but will also improve the accuracy of your performance. The reason why is simple, you’re reducing the number of emails sent to a smaller number of people, but you’re doing so by applying the best filter of all, email verification.

Since you’re only emailing worthwhile contacts, not only will you see a significant rise in your performance in all relevant rates such as open rates and click-through rates you will also obtain more accurate results of how your real customers are interacting with your emails. This is important because it provides you with essential insight into your customer’s needs and wants.

4. Improve Return on Investment (ROI)

Sending only to clean email lists directly affects, and positively so, your return on investment. This should go without saying, but it is probably the single most important reason why you should care to clean your email lists.

There are two parts to this, one is present and one is future.

Presently, by cleaning your email lists you reduce waste and overall sending costs while improving your reputation and are able to expect more reliable and accurate outcomes from your campaigns. This translates to an exponential increase in your future success, as you continue to optimize your email campaigns through the results of email verification.

Email marketing ROI can go well over 4000%, and making sure you have a clean email list is a great first step toward achieving this amazing performance!

The benefits of having a clean email list are undeniable. Your email marketing campaigns can only benefit from email verification and list hygiene.

While we kept it short and essential today, there are also ethical and legal reasons why you would want to clean your email lists.

The truth is that if you’re emailing the right people in the right way, your business will prosper and you continue to develop a relationship with your customer base.

So always remember, these 4 powerful motives to clean your lists:

  • Fewer Bounces
  • Better Reputation
  • Better Data
  • Increased ROI

We hope to have provided you with some valuable information today!

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