5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales

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June 7, 2023

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5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales

Email marketing has become one of the most effective ways of digital marketing and has strengthened its position rapidly. Email users are increasing very fast, and it’s a prevalent variant of communication for business and sales purposes. It’s an effective way to keep good relationships with customers and engage new customers. Research by Smart Insights shows that email is more effective than other digital channels, especially for return on investment.

In the hundred emails, it’s entirely possible to stand out from the competition, generate more sales, and reach your business’ marketing goals. Here are five main effective marketing strategies to generate more sales for your company.

5 Methods to Generate More Sales Through Email Marketing

Email marketing tools and techniques can attract new customers by sending them personalized emails and not only. It’s also a very cost-effective way of marketing to target different customers by using many techniques. And that’s not the only thing. Email marketing increases brand awareness, represents it more professionally, keeps in contact with clients, and other crucial changes for marketing purposes.

1. Get personal and connect with your audience

Email personalization has proven its effectiveness in terms of email campaigns and generally in email marketing. Studies have shown that consumers tend to purchase more when receiving personalized offers via email. Of course, it’s important to have friendly and warm relationships with your customers. Still, anyway, it would be better to set boundaries and keep it on the professional level and not make it so casual. Besides that, remember about the privacy of your customers and don’t let them feel that their privacy is ruined, for example, by using their name too much in the emails.

If you sell products online, it would be great to find different ways to always keep in touch with your audience and connect, as they are the primary consumers of your product, and the sales process generally depends on them. You would probably have a database of your customers, so use this opportunity to contact them and make them feel that you care and that every customer has its importance. For example, you can send birthday cards to your customers on their birthday and suggest special offers only for them.

In the era of email automation, sometimes it can feel too robotic when sending emails. But one of the successful examples of good emails in building contact with customers is the email template of Harpoon Brewery. They send very close and warm emails, so the consumers say it feels like receiving an email from a friend.

2. Use catchy subject lines

The email subject line is the first chance to impress your target audience: 33% of email recipients open emails only based on the subject line. Using catchy subject lines can allow you to attract the attention of your email list members and increase the chances that they would click on your email and open it. The catchy subject line may sound very ambiguous, so here are some points on how to create a subject line that will look catchy and bring success to your email campaign:

  • It should be as short as possible
  • It may contain attractive phrases
  • Make it easy but don’t lose the feeling of urgency
  • Tell the important part but not fully

Keep it short while writing subject lines because people don’t like reading long emails, and the short and catchy has higher chances to get their attention. For example, suppose you are sending an email about a logo maker platform. In that case, it must be mentioned in the subject line without any extra words. Email subject lines would provide more open rates and engagements, leading the process to generating more sales.

3. Choose the right time

Timing is crucial for targeted emails and the success of an email campaign in the final result. So pick a time of sending emails wisely, as it affects the sales process too. By monitoring your audience and their feedback, you would understand the optimal time to send your emails.

You can’t send all types of emails at a particular time. It would help if you considered many nuances before sending them to the recipients. For example, suppose it’s an urgent email to inform customers about some updates. In that case, it should be sent as soon as possible, or if it’s about upcoming sales or promotions, then the time to send an email should be chosen appropriately. Those factors are important when selecting the best time to send emails. If you guessed right, it would be reflected positively on your click rates, and the primary purpose of the email will be completed. When email recipients open your emails, the chances of increasing sales are getting higher.

4. Don’t forget about email validation

If you want your email campaign to be as effective as possible, you should ensure that your email list is valid. Email validation is filtering out invalid and undeliverable emails and removing them from the list. It checks the reliability of email security and the domain. Sending an email to a non-existing or invalid email address is risky, as it can put the domain’s reputation at risk. Furthermore, it’s ruining the email deliverability process and disturbs the successful process of email deliverability. You can improve your email deliverability with Emailable, the most cost-effective email checker platform. Here you can also update your email list and clean it from invalid email addresses.

The quality of email addresses is connected to the quality of the target audience data. The audience is the leading consumer of your email campaign, and it won’t succeed if the audience wouldn’t complete or if the central part of the email list is invalid. Before starting an email campaign, some companies send their emails to all the email addresses they have in their database. It can be considered one of the common email marketing mistakes. So, consider the importance of email validation to make the email campaign process more efficient.

5. A/B testing is everything

A/B testing is sending two different variations of emails and sending it to two distinct subsets of recipients, and seeing what variant works better for the campaign results. For example, during A/B testing, emails can have different subject lines, and the results can show which subject line is providing more clicks.

After A/B testing, when the results reveal which variant worked better and is valid, it will automatically send that variant to all email list members. It would have a significant effect on the success of email campaigns, and that, in turn, will generate more sales. For example, if you send emails for your online podcast, one email variant can be about a new episode and the other about podcast tools' advantages. The results will show which topic is more interesting for the audience.


To sum up, email marketing has become a prevalent and effective method to generate more sales for your company. Here are great chances to trust your customers and keep a beneficial relationship with them. By following these strategic tips, you can use email marketing to develop your company.

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