Introducing Emailable: Your Choice in Email Deliverability Solutions

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March 22, 2021

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Introducing Emailable: Your Choice in Email Deliverability Solutions

Today, we’re announcing the rebranding of Blaze Verify and TheChecker to Emailable.

The time has come to take email verification to the next level. Our customers and the email marketing industry need us now more than ever.

Several years ago, Blaze Verify and TheChecker each set out on a mission to solve our own issues with existing email verification providers. After years of overpaying for existing solutions only to be left unsatisfied with the results, we both took matters into our own hands.

Individually, both companies were founded with the customer in mind. Our primary goal was to provide accurate email verification that was accessible for any business. As we began to discuss working together as one team, it became clear that our values were aligned: not only in enhanced performance, but also in providing our users with a positive experience that’s fostered through building long-term relationships.

Where we are today.

Since the acquisition of TheChecker in January, we have been working hard to consolidate both our infrastructure and our existing customer base. Customers will benefit not only from the enhanced performance of our combined infrastructure, but also from future products we will be releasing. We remain committed to ensuring that Emailable provides these three values going forward:

  1. A reliable and easy-to-use platform you can trust.
  2. Customer focused service and sales.
  3. An affordable solution that any business can use.

As we relaunch as Emailable and look towards the future, we’re excited to add additional integrations, offer innovative new solutions, and continue to provide the reliable verification solutions you’ve come to love. The best is yet to come. Emailable is now available!

What does this mean for you?

For Blaze Verify Customers

We’ll continue to provide you with the same accurate email verification experience that Blaze Verify is known for. While the website may look slightly different, most things will remain the same. Here are some exciting updates:

  • Reduced pricing for pay-as-you go and credit subscriptions.
  • Increased Deliverability Guarantee to 99%.
  • Improved infrastructure, quality, and speed of results.
  • A new integration with Mailerlite that supports Bulk and Monitor.

For TheChecker Customers

We’ll continue to provide the same great email verification solution TheChecker is known for. With the launch of Emailable, you gain a lot of exciting possibilities:

  • The migration to the new Emailable dashboard will be optional for a while, and the process to do so is fast and simple. Your credit balance will be transferred to your Emailable dashboard upon migration.
  • Your user data will be accessible through the Emailable dashboard.
  • Increased Deliverability Guarantee to 99%.
  • Native integrations with top email marketing solutions, including ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Salesforce, Sendinblue, and more.
  • Improved infrastructure, quality, and speed of results.

For help getting started, we’ve put together this guide outlining all the new features you’ll gain by switching to Emailable. You can view that here.

We are here to help you make your campaigns Emailable. We’ve got you covered!

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