Is Email Verification Actually Worth Your Money?

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July 18, 2019

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Is Email Verification Actually Worth Your Money?

We’ve already discussed the importance of email verification, here’s a quick refresher in case you forgot. But, you may still find yourself asking, is it really worth my money to use an email verification service? The answer is yes. Let me tell you why.

Typically, Email Service Providers, or ESPs, charge companies per email they send. When you send a campaign to an unverified list, and those emails bounce or end up in the spam folder, that money goes right in the trash. This can be easily avoided by cleaning your list and removing undeliverable addresses before hitting send, so you are only charged for engaging with people who will actually see your message. Cleaning your list will not only help you use your marketing money more efficiently, but it will actually help make you more money in the long run.

Maximize ROI

Once your email marketing campaigns have been delivered to the proper audience, this opens the door to increase your return on investment (ROI). You have the opportunity to reconnect with past customers, upsell your current clients, and re-engage with your subscribers. A clean list increases ROI by eliminating the investment in undeliverable emails, allowing you to focus on the people who really matter.

Minimize Time and Effort

When you sign up for an email verification service, there is no manual labor involved. It is faster to verify your email list than it is to go grab a cup of coffee! You literally just select the list you’d like to be verified and the software does the rest of the work. The list is returned to you in a neat little package where you can see what emails are deliverable, undeliverable, or risky.

If you’re thinking ‘I could do this myself’, well sure, but that would be a poor use of your resources. If you attempted to check the spelling and syntax of each and every email on your list, it would be a huge time commitment. Then checking the deliverability of each address would be an even greater commitment (and, damaging to your sender reputation). Doing it yourself takes away from the time you could be spending acquiring more customers and growing revenues. All in all, the DIY route is not worth your time or energy.

Understand the Value

Email verification is an email marketing best practice for a reason. Verifying your emails actually makes you more money and ensures your marketing efforts never go to waste. It helps maintain your sender score, and it protects your account from being blacklisted, which requires a lot more time and money to fix than simply signing up for an email verification service. All in all, email verification is well worth the cost so there is no reason you shouldn’t be cleaning your lists!

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