Automated Email Verification for MailerLite

Get rid of the bad data clouding your favorite email marketing tools.

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How it works

  • Connect account

    Integrate with MailerLite

    Using your login info, quickly allow us to access your MailerLite email lists.

  • Select data  one

    Connect a list

    Chose a preexisting list to upload to Emailable and verify.

  • Refresh arrows

    Monitor your emails

    Automate your list cleaning by enabling reverification and synchronization.

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Why use Monitor?

Up to 2% of your emails turn from assets into liabilities each month. Emailable automated email verification makes it easy to maintain accurate, reliable data at an affordable price.

  • Get ahead of bad data

    Keep your email lists continuously clean without manual import or export.

  • Increase ROI

    Stop overpaying your ESP. Send your campaigns only to people who will actually see them.

  • Protect Domain Reputation

    Reduce your bounce rate and stop risking your inbox placement.

Automated features

  • Reverification

    Reverify your email lists every 14, 30, 60, or 90 days to continually catch and remove inactive and outdated emails.

  • Synchronization

    Unsubscribe undeliverable addresses as they are automatically imported and verified from your integrated MailerLite list.

See why thousands of the world's largest companies trust Emailable for email deliverability.

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