Fully automated email list cleaning

Never have a dirty list again. Put your list cleaning on autopilot and let Monitor do the work, automatically.

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Diagram showing an email being automatically imported into Monitor, verified, and exported back to an integration

Email verification on autopilot

Connect Monitor to your current ESP and have your lists verified daily.

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  • Protect your reputation

    Avoid being blacklisted by increasing your sender score.

  • Remove invalid emails

    Keep a healthy list by including only deliverable email addresses.

  • Increase ROI

    Ensure higher efficiency of your email campaigns.

Getting started with Monitor

  1. Select lists

    Select which lists you’d like to import from your connected integration.

  2. Configure settings

    Customize your sync and reverification configurations. Here, select which emails to include in your list and how often it will be reverified.

  3. Sit back

    That’s it! Sit back while your list verifies automatically.

Screenshot of Monitor setup — Select lists to import from a connected integration
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Fully customizable email list cleaning

Choose which deliverability states to include in your list, which to remove, and how often to reverify. The customization includes:

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  • Multiple lists

    Perform ongoing email list cleaning for one or more lists.

  • Criteria-based verification

    Filter emails based on the categories they fall into.

  • Auto-reverification

    Choose how often your list is reverified.

Screenshot of Monitored List configuration page

Integrate with your favorite tools

Monitor connects with the email marketing tools you already use.

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