Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Results

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February 27, 2023

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Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Results

Have you ever wondered how to obtain better results on your email marketing? We must first get to know what email marketing is. It is considered a direct channel to improve sales, share your new catalog or update your customer's lists.

You might think it is an antiquated strategy, but this strategy allows businesses to personalize marketing campaigns at a lower cost. It helps improve your conversion rate, by turning prospects into customers and rise your retention rate, through a welcome email you can stand out and make your audience look at you.

But how do we adopt email marketing best practices in order to get positive results. It’s a must to have a strategy and preparation.

6 Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Results

1. Email Marketing Automation Software

In order to implement a successful campaign, you must consider adopting an email marketing automation software, this is a non-negotiable email marketing best practice. This is the best way to focus on growing your company and not on sending every email.

Implementing an automation software improves your business revenue, benefits your sales team, healthier segmentation, allows you to personalize your leads, among others.

This emails mostly include sections inviting the customers to buy some of their products or sharing an offer or discount code. Additionally, you can easily collect feedback from your target or send an engagement campaign reducing times and costs.

2. Choose Relevant Metrics To Measure the Success Of Your Campaign

As an email marketing best practice, it is significantly important for your campaign to be measurable. Some of the most important metrics would be, open - rate, click-through-rate and click to open rate. However, you must choose the metric according to your needs. For example, if you want to communicate a discount, an email marketing best practice would be focusing on your click-through-rate. Metrics make campaigns scalable.

3. Personalize your Emails

Personalization is a great method to stand out from your competitors. This strategy is considered an email marketing best practice, this improves your open-rates and click rates. Which means, it allows businesses to increase their conversion rate. By personalization you are directly inviting your clients to read your email.

Before personalizing your email campaigns, you must get to know your audience. Getting to know your target helps businesses to have a better segmentation message. As an email marketing best practice, you can have a bigger picture of your content strategy, it informs you what your audience is looking for.

4. Email List

Building your email lists is fundamental for email marketing best practices, it is essential to have your email addresses organically there. Organic emails increase the engagement percentage, many purchased addresses aren’t real accounts which lowers your conversion rate and engagement.

Clean your email list frequently, removing unengaged customers. You can distinguish your unengaged customers from those who haven’t opened your emails in a long time.

5. Optimization

Optimizing your email marketing is to guarantee that your campaigns are getting to the right people at the right time. This email marketing best practice improves the measuring metrics, like having higher click through rates, which leads to a positive revenue.

Define your call to action and make your email content short and convincing. Your subject lines must include something relevant to your target. The subject line that you choose must cover the customer’s concern. Businesses should consider the sender’s name to be easily recognized and not seem like an unreliable source.

Additionally, a professional and reliable email should include an email signature, which also gives a sense of personalization.

6. Run an Email Verification

Finally, as an email marketing best practice you should use an email verification tool. Through email verification you are allowed to clean your lists and send your campaigns to real email addresses. Running an email checker helps improve your campaign’s deliverability by sending it through your right target, meaning you will improve your ROI.

Being able to verify email addresses for your campaigns means your business will distinguish risky emails, duplicated, unknown, undeliverable and deliverable emails. This way you can just leave your deliverable emails as prospects for receiving campaigns.

Having an email checker will allow your business to clean your list, automate your email verification, verify emails in real-time, and make sure your emails get into the right inbox.

After looking at our email marketing best practices, are you getting to the right people or which step are you missing?

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