5 Drip Email Campaign Examples to Steal Today

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March 7, 2023

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5 Drip Email Campaign Examples to Steal Today

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and engage with them on an ongoing basis. While several strategies can be employed to ensure your emails are seen. A full service email marketing agency worth its sale will have drip email campaigns as one of the most commonly used strategies.

A drip email campaign is a marketing strategy that sends emails to your subscribers over time. A drip email campaign aims to nurture your subscribers and build relationships with them. These campaigns are connected by a common theme and designed to lead the subscriber to take the desired action ultimately.

But how do you create an effective drip email campaign?
One of the most important aspects of a successful drip email campaign is the quality of your content. Your content must be well-written, informative, and interesting enough to keep your subscribers engaged.

What is a Drip Email Campaign?

A drip email campaign is an automated email marketing campaign that sends messages to subscribers over time. Drip campaigns are designed to nurture leads and customers by building relationships and trust over time.

Drip campaigns typically consist of a series of emails that are triggered based on specific actions or behaviours. For example, a welcome drip campaign might send a series of three emails to new subscribers:

  • Email 1: “Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!”
  • Email 2: “Here’s what you can expect from our weekly newsletter.”
  • Email 3: “Did you check out our latest blog post?”

Top 5 Inspiring Email Drip Campaign Examples for each Type of Campaign

We will give examples of excellent drip email campaigns so that you can get an idea of what makes a successful one. So, here are five inspiring drip email examples for you to steal today.

1. The “Welcome” Drip Email Campaign

The “Welcome” Drip Email Campaign is one of the most important campaigns that you can use to nurture your leads and customers. It sets the tone for your relationship and establishes trust.
This drip email campaign should be sent as soon as someone subscribes to your list or makes a purchase. The goal is to make a great first impression and welcome them to your community.

Your “Welcome” drip email campaign should include:

  • A personalized message from you or your team introducing you and your team with appreciation for their subscription or purchase.
  • An explanation of what they can expect from the company, including discounts, exclusive offers, and new product announcements.
  • Links to helpful resources like blog posts and tutorials
  • A promo code or a special offer for free shipping or a percentage off on their next purchase.
  • Request for feedback on their experience (to derive valuable insights into how you can improve your services and provide better customer service.)
  • A call-to-action to join your social media channels or participate in a contest or survey

By sending a “Welcome” drip email campaign as part of the email campaign management strategy, you are establishing yourself as a trusted resource and building a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. Example:

Source: SendinBlue

The email is a perfect way to be simple in focusing on inviting customers to explore offers rather than putting in too much in the introduction welcome email.
The brand TravelSupermarket uses a marketing automation workflow that is sent after the initial subscription email leading with more information. The welcome series then offers its leads multiple ways for engaging with their business, through their blog or social media channels.

2. The “Product Launch” Drip Email Campaign

The “Product Launch” Drip Email Campaign is an email campaign designed to generate interest in a new product or service. The campaign typically consists of a series of emails, each with a different message, that are sent out over a period of time.

  • The first email in the series introduces the new product or service and provides basic information about it.
  • Subsequent emails provide detailed information about the product or service and how they benefit the recipient.
  • The final email in the series promotes a special offer or discount on the product or service.

The strategy can extend up to 5 emails as part of your email campaign management approach. The last two emails can be reminder emails on the discount or a deadline for the discount to entice action. Example:

Source: ConvertCart

Willo is letting its readers know that their product will soon be live in exactly 24 hours and that they are special enough to receive an exclusive update for purchase. This approach lets the brand establish a special relationship with the readers about the opening of their website with 1,000 units being offered through an “Exclusive Pioneer Code.”
The email consists of a brief video introducing the product to the readers. Here’s a perfect way to launch a product/ site by the brand by creating niche interest in its offerings.

3. The “Abandoned Cart” Drip Email Campaign

If you’re an ecommerce business, you know the frustration of abandoned shopping carts all too well. Thankfully, drip email campaigns can be a highly effective way to recover lost sales and boost your bottom line.
Here’s how it works:

  • When a customer abandons their shopping cart, they receive a series of automated emails over a period of time (usually a few days).
  • These emails encourage them to come back and complete their purchase.
  • They typically include special offers or discounts, and may even feature the items that were left in the cart as a reminder.


Source: Conversio.com

Highlighting a single product here works well for this campaign by Organic Shop. It provides reasons for shoppers who abandoned the product in the cart to make the purchase – offering ratings and testimonials adding objectivity to the argument.
A well-crafted abandoned cart drip email campaign can be extremely successful in recovering lost sales, so if you’re not already using one, now is the time to start!

4. The “Re-Engagement” Drip Email Campaign

When it comes to drip marketing, one of the most effective is the “Re-Engagement” campaign. This type of campaign is designed to win back customers who have become inactive.
There are a few key elements that make this type of campaign so successful:

  • It’s personalized: The best re-engagement drip campaigns are highly personalized, with messages that are tailored to the individual recipient. This ensures that the customer feels like the company is reaching out to them specifically, rather than just sending out generic emails.
  • It’s relevant: The content of the drip emails must be relevant to the customer and their current situation. This means sending them information that they will find useful, such as special offers or deals on products they’re interested in.
  • It’s timely: Re-engagement campaigns need to be timely in order to be effective. This means sending emails at regular intervals (such as once a week) until the customer becomes active again.

By following these three key principles, you can create a highly effective re-engagement drip email campaign that will win back inactive customers and keep them engaged with your company. Example:

Source: Really Good Emails

This email from Duolingo works tremendously because of its simple, yet direct re-engagement message. Using their avatar, the sad crying face of its logo mascot helps in extracting emotional interest from inactive users. A cute, casual message can be a smart email approach to lead the old users to feel important and as a brand, show value of their presence.

5. The “Lead Nurturing” Drip Email Campaign

The “Lead Nurturing” Drip Email Campaign is designed to provide valuable information to subscribers who may be interested in your product or service, but are not yet ready to purchase. This type of campaign can be used to build relationships with prospects, keep them informed about your latest offerings, and ultimately convert them into customers.

To create a “Lead Nurturing” Drip Email Campaign, start by determining the key pieces of content that will be most beneficial to your target audience. Then, create a series of email messages that deliver this content over time. Be sure to include calls-to-action in each message that encourage subscribers to take the next step in their buyer’s journey.

Last but not least, don’t forget to measure the results of your “Lead Nurturing” Drip Email Campaign so that you can improve future campaigns. To do this, track metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate. Example:

Source: Really Good Emails

Dollar Shave Club has risen through the ranks in its niche category by using simple upselling and cross-selling techniques. This approach helped its lead nurturing approach tremendously.
Even after order confirmation, they continue to add recommendations to add to the same shipment. It makes recommendations based on the order as a combination or a complementary product that could work well with the ordered products.

Tips for Creating an Effective Drip Email Campaign

Drip campaigns are an excellent way to nurture your leads and build relationships with your customers, but only if they’re done right. Here are some tips for creating an effective drip email campaign:

1. Keep your emails focused on one topic

Don’t try to cover too much ground in each email. You’ll only overwhelm your readers and lose their attention. Stick to one topic per email and make sure all of your content supports that topic.

2. Write a compelling copy that engages your readers

Your drip emails should be more than just a sales pitch. They should include interesting information, helpful tips, or engaging stories that will capture your readers’ attention and encourage them to keep reading.

3. Personalize your emails whenever possible

Email automation software makes it easy to personalize your drip emails with the recipient’s name, company name, or other data points you have about them. Adding a personal touch will make your emails feel more like a conversation than a marketing message and will increase the likelihood that recipients will read and respond to them.

4. Use images, video, or other visual elements sparingly

While visuals can help break up the text in your email and make it more visually appealing, too many images or videos can be distracting and cause people to tune out.

5. Verify emails regularly

Email marketers need to update their database with the latest information to prevent mails from getting bounced out, due to faulty addresses, abandoned emails, changes in information, etc. Additionally, it is important to verify email content regularly to connect with the changing trends.


Drip email campaigns are one of the best ways to stay connected with your customers and keep them engaged. We hope that this article has given you the inspiration and guidance needed to create effective drip emails for your own audience. With a few simple tweaks, you can take any of these 5 examples and make it fit within your own brand identity. Keep testing, making adjustments, and improving content so that every customer who receives an email from your business feels valued.

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