How Digital Asset Management Takes Email Marketing To The Next Level

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August 3, 2022

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How Digital Asset Management Takes Email Marketing To The Next Level

Email marketing is a valuable tool for many enterprises to reach their target audience via email. Companies can showcase their brand’s latest offerings through this marketing method, alert customers of promotions and discounts, or share relevant content. Moreover, email marketing can make campaigns more impactful since it has a broad audience reach, is time-efficient, and is cost-effective. However, email marketing has been widely used for many years. Because it’s become a standard tool, organizations are now looking for ways to stand out from the competition.

In this regard, digital asset management may be the answer that they’re looking for. Digital asset management is a software system companies can use to streamline their digital organization, storage, and management processes. This software makes it easier and more convenient to compile digital assets such as photographs, videos, audio materials, images, documents, and other items used to create content for email marketing campaigns. By streamlining content management, companies can enhance their campaign quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

If you’d like to know what is digital asset management software and how it can take your email marketing to the next level, continue reading this article.

The Benefits Of Digital Asset Management To Email Marketing

Using digital asset management software offers numerous benefits to users conducting email marketing. Here are some examples:

1. DAM Software Improves Content Organization

Organizing digital assets is one of the challenges in streamlining email marketing. Managing high-volume digital content requires time, effort, and resources to execute successfully. Depending on the size of an organization, there could be an unlimited number of original and proprietary content generated each day, all of which would be of significant value to the enterprise. To avoid wasting content and resources, it’s essential to strategically organize content to ensure that everything will be utilized and optimized.

With DAM software, it’ll be easier to organize content according to its purpose, date of creation, and other categories. When organized strategically, your content will be easily accessed by anyone within or outside your organization, with little orientation or training required. Moreover, DAM software can also simplify workflows relevant to email marketing campaigns, effectively boosting work efficiency across departments.

Commonly, launching an email marketing campaign requires multilevel collaboration within an enterprise. However, some organizations experience disruptions and delays due to a slow turnaround in data or content collection and transfer. You can streamline partnerships using DAM software since everyone will use the same digital platform to access and share content. Also, the risk of asset loss or duplication will be minimized because the content will be organized in the system effectively.

2. It Optimizes Content Utilization

Having DAM software helps you maximize your digital resources. You can keep your content organized, allow easy access to team members and stakeholders, and improve workflows while using it. With these benefits, you can optimize your use of your generated content since it’s less likely to get lost, corrupted, damaged, or go unused. For instance, assets with licenses won’t expire without being utilized since you can keep track of their expiration dates.

DAM software also allows you to manage digital content to help you see which ones can be repurposed, which can significantly save you time and resources for your subsequent campaigns. Lastly, you can quickly review previously produced content and note areas for improvement.

3. It Enhances Content Accessibility

Files containing high volumes of videos, images, documents, and presentations may require multiple storage devices for collection and organization. However, relying on several devices may disrupt work processes since access to files or documents may be restricted or limited. Also, devices can encounter technical issues at any time, and there’s a risk of asset or data loss.

You and your team can benefit from enhanced content accessibility using DAM software. You can access and share files with anyone, regardless of time or location. It’ll be easier to locate a photograph or a recording without going through numerous devices and storage systems. In effect, your team will have fewer frustrations, confusion, and delays.

Besides this, you also won’t have to keep large amounts of documents on devices, which can be detrimental to their speed and performance. Since the files will be housed on the software, your team will be free to edit and tag collaborators on the platform with easy access and speed, without downloading documents to their devices.

4. DAM Systems Supports Collaboration

Email marketing requires collaborative work from different teams or departments. At times, you’ll also have to work directly with clients and their representatives. Since collaboration often involves file sharing for editing, reviewing, or approval, your enterprise can benefit from using DAM software to streamline these processes.

While collaborating on an email marketing project, for instance, team members and stakeholders can instantly access files or documents from anywhere, anytime. The version changes will be easy to track, and those involved in the project can receive notifications when digital content has been edited, revised, or reviewed. Essentially, it’s easier for those collaborating to be on the same page.

5. DAM Boosts Efficiency In Content Distribution

Timeliness is key to email marketing, so having DAM software in place can help you and your organization achieve your goals in your campaigns. Using a single platform for sharing, editing, reviewing, and producing content can significantly boost content distribution efficiency, improving your campaigns’ timeliness for years to come. With this software, you also won’t waste time uploading and downloading data or files, reworking content due to data loss, or mitigating errors caused by duplications.

You can launch timely campaigns with improved quality and effectiveness with digital asset management software.

6. It Helps Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is essential to email marketing success since it helps ensure that the brand is easily recognizable across all channels and platforms where you have a presence. Also, it enables you to achieve a cohesive image for your brand, which will help you build trust and credibility in your target market. Your organization can also benefit from using DAM software to boost your email marketing campaigns to achieve brand consistency.

With an improved content management system, you can ensure that only the latest content approved by stakeholders and decision-makers in your company will be released to the market. Doing so allows you to control your brand presence and image better. You can also ensure that all the content produced will align with your brand guidelines since you can easily access and review them using the software.

7. Using A DAM Software Streamlines The Content Management Processes

There are several tasks that you need to oversee when it comes to managing your digital assets. Here are some of them:

  • Keep track of the expiration dates of licensed assets.
  • Analyze the quality, functionality, and performance of each digital content.
  • Select content which can be repurposed.
  • Regulate access and permissions to documents or files.

Using DAM software, you can make it easier for database managers to stay on top of digital asset management and avoid confusion, errors, or data loss. You can also improve compliance with licensing agreements or government regulations if you have sensitive content or data in your systems.

8. DAM Strengthens Content Security

Since DAM software provides centralized storage for all your content, it’ll be easier to protect it with built-in security systems. Your software can have features that enhance data security, such as permission control and settings, authorization requirements, data encryption, and version control systems. With these features, you can keep your digital assets’ quality, integrity, and safety with more ease and effectiveness.

9. It Improves Employee Work Experience

Apart from the benefits that having DAM software can offer your enterprise, you can also improve the work experience of your team members when you invest in this platform. With it, your colleagues can enhance their efficiency and performance while working on email campaigns while avoiding delays, errors, confusion, and frustration.
Along with this, you can use employee time tracking software to take control of different tasks and time frames.
They’re also likely to feel more motivated and productive when provided with practical tools to boost their work performance.

Industries That Benefit From Digital Asset Management

Email marketing is used worldwide, and many companies will considerably benefit from using digital asset management software. Here are some examples of sectors where digital asset management can help improve email marketing:


Retail organizations use images and content to boost brand awareness and introduce their products to customers. With the expansion, however, the volume of content generated can become challenging to manage. Using digital asset management software, retail companies can help improve content management, creation, and distribution.


The technology industry also needs to engage its client pool and potential business by generating and distributing content that can be streamlined using DAM software. With it, information and content can easily be distributed and produced across departments. The margin of errors and delays will also be significantly reduced.

Travel And Hospitality Industries

Hotels, resorts, and transportation companies can considerably benefit from using DAM software for email marketing. This solution allows team members across departments and sites to collaborate despite geographical distances or time differences. Thus, having DAM software can significantly boost efficiency in marketing campaigns and improve their effectiveness simultaneously.

Agencies And Consultancy Services

Agencies and consultancy services can also use DAM software to improve email marketing campaigns and stand out to clients. The quality of their content and the timeliness of their delivery can give companies an edge in a competitive market. Moreover, having a specialized content database can help agencies and consultancy firms communicate and collaborate with clients in various locations.

You may also find DAM software a wise investment if you’re into franchising. With it, you can make updated content readily available to franchisees, which helps boost email campaigns. You can also better manage permissions and improve accessibility to materials by using this software.

How To Choose The Ideal Digital Asset Management Solution

You will come across many companies that offer DAM solutions, though not everyone will have the same coverage, quality, and services that your organization needs. To select the best one that would suit your business requirements, here are some things you can consider:

User Access

One of the benefits of DAM software is improved access to content or data. To maximize this feature, ensure that your software has unlimited internal and external user access. This way, team members or stakeholders can access the content at any time it’s needed without hassle or delay.

Ease Of Use

Aside from accessibility, your DAM software should also be user-friendly to cater to the needs of all members of your organization, regardless of background, job role, or tenure. It should be easy to locate content based on keyword search and file organization, and the database should also have function buttons to help users navigate the system. This way, anyone who has permission can access data or content when required.


The DAM software should be compatible with your organizational needs, specifically regarding email marketing processes. Choosing a compatible database for your content and internal procedures helps you improve work efficiency, minimize errors and delays, and optimize your investment. Furthermore, having compatible content management software will make it easier for your team members and stakeholders to learn how to use it as a standard part of their workflow.

Permission Settings

Depending on your workflow, you may have to adjust permission settings to allow and restrict access to certain proprietary content. Doing so will help you enhance data security while ensuring that those who need access to content won’t be disrupted. Moreover, you also won’t have to manually grant access to multiple users, which can be time-consuming and laborious. For this purpose, you’ll also need to check the permission settings available on the software when selecting one.

Customization Options

When selecting digital asset management software, you can consider personalization and customization options. Many companies opt to have this feature, mainly since the software will be used across and outside the organization. Incorporating your brand name and cool logo will foster brand consistency and create a professional image for your company.


Having digital asset management software can significantly benefit companies with a growing asset collection. Investing in digital asset management software is worth the time, effort, and resources as it can boost the efficiency of email marketing campaigns. Moreover, it will also help enhance brand consistency, promote asset performance, fortify data security, and improve the overall efficiency of content management. With these benefits in mind, it’s wise to have DAM software in place if you want to optimize your digital asset utilization and management.

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