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By implementing Emailable into their standard email marketing practice, leadlovers was able to grow by 30% in 2019 due to their steps with Emailable to ensure quality and deliverability.

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We are now able to avoid spam traps and invalid emails to ensure a good sender reputation. This was one of the actions we took to continue with a good brand reputation; we are known nowadays as the company that delivers the most in the inbox.

Fernando Milek

Chief Technology Officer

About leadlovers

One of Brazil's leading digital marketing platforms, leadlovers, has experienced great results with Emailable in tackling the issue of degrading email addresses. As specialists and providers in digital marketing, it is very important that they use a reliable service.

Emailable started by understanding what the problem was and where email validation would be best applied. “Here at leadlovers, the two main partners have a technical background. One of them, Diego Carmona, realized the need for email validation in all the opt-ins we had“, according to Fernando Milek, Chief Technology Officer at the company.

  • 2014 Founded
  • Paraná, BR Headquarters
  • 90+ Employees
  • B2B Predominant Customer Type

The Objective

Knowing that the attention to detail is helping not only leadlovers but their customers too.

The key in this partnership: keep the sender reputation intact of all IPs, secure, and give customers security to know that they won't be impacted by other users that are not doing their work correctly.

New lists must go through Emailable before being imported: their precedence is unknown up to that point. All of this is to guarantee safety to the system and allow it to run as it should, improving inbox deliverability. “The cleaning recommendation is not only to ensure success but also to the safety of other customers. I believe we're the only ones that do that in our market”, he continues, knowing that attention to this detail is helping.

The Problem

High amount of useless email addresses & damaged IP scores.

leadlovers started to realize that there was a problem with their email lists. All the email lists that ended up on their platform contained useless email addresses of some form or another.

“The problem we were trying to mitigate were robots that registered with us, people who ended up entering the base that didn't exist. They damaged the reputation of our service's IPs”.

The Solution

The good news was that the solution was simple.

“We used Emailable tool to overcome this issue. Since it was affordable, we did not need to increase prices for our customers”.

That meant that every single user that used leadlovers was now protected by the Emailable platform, improving their chances to have results. It is also cost-effective, saving them a lot of money and headache in the future.

It’s been an excellent partnership. We have seen a considerable improvement in key metrics, given everything we have done. We grew almost 30% in 2019, and that’s the reflex of the many steps we took to ensure quality and deliverability.

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Fernando Milek

Chief Technology Officer

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