Inbox Reports

Get comprehensive reports on key metrics that are impacting your email deliverability. Simply add our seed list to your ESP and reports will be generated for every email you send.

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Each inbox report starts with a high level overview of your email’s performance. Icons and color coded badges help you instantly grasp key metrics. When you’re ready for more detail, you can scroll down for more detailed information on each item.


Email authentication is an integral part of email deliverability and protects your domain’s reputation. Ensure that you have DKIM, SPF, and DMARC properly configured.

Inbox Placement

See how your email inboxes across all of the major email service providers. Additional insights are available for some providers, such as Gmail, where we’ll let you know which inbox category you’re reaching.

  • Aol  main
  • Gmail  main
  • Google workspace  main
  • Icloud  main
  • Outlook  main
  • Hotmail  main
  • Microsoft 365  main
  • Yahoo  main
  • Yandex  main
  • Zoho mail  main

Spam Report

See how your email performs in industry standard spam analysis software. Results are broken down into specific, actionable elements, so you can see what’s impacting your score and take steps to improve it.

  • SpamAssassin


  • Microsoft Exchange

    Microsoft Exchange

    Coming Soon
  • Barracuda


    Coming Soon

Blacklist Report

Being listed on a blacklist can severely impact your email deliverability. Our comprehensive blacklist report checks over 120 real-time blacklists for listings associated with any of the mail servers used to send your email.

See why thousands of the world's largest companies trust Emailable for email deliverability.

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