Blacklist Monitoring

Monitor your email servers for the most common cause of email deliverability issues. Get notified as soon as one of your IP addresses or domains get listed on any of over 120 real-time blacklists.

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Comprehensive Check

Our system will monitor over 120 real-time blacklists, from once per hour on our enterprise plans to once every 12 hours on our standard plans.

Domain & IP Grouping

With grouped monitors, you can easily monitor your mail server’s IP Address and hostname at the same time.

Easy Delisting

If one of your addresses is found on a blacklist, we’ll make it quick and easy to resolve. Our email notifications and dashboard provide a simple Delist button that makes it easy for you to get delisted in seconds.

Ignore Blacklists

Not all blacklists are created equally, and some of them may not even be relevant to you. We make it easy to opt out of notifications for any blacklists we monitor with a simple click.

Email Notifications

Get notified the moment our system detects one of your monitored addresses on any of our checked blacklists. The sooner you know, the sooner you can resolve the situation.

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14-day free trial