How to Send An Email That Converts?

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September 2, 2022

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How to Send An Email That Converts?

Do you offer an amazing product or service but still are not getting responses from your email marketing campaign? It doesn’t matter how well-written your email is or how good the discount you’re offering there, it’s still very challenging to send an email that converts into actual sales.

According to Barilliance, in 2021 only one sale came out of each 100 emails that were sent. Although this number is not encouraging, still 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month. That’s why we’re here to give you effective tips on how to send emails that convert.

8 Steps To Send An Email That Converts

1. Define your target audience AND your goal!

Different audiences have different preferences and needs. The more you know them, the better you’ll prepare to meet their needs and increase your chances to send an email that converts, which can be from capturing their email to your leads list or even having them complete a purchase.

As important as segmenting your targeted audience, it’s to identify your email marketing goals, which makes it easier to come up with cohesive plans to achieve them. Identifying and defining these goals will not only help to segment all the emails your company is sending but also contribute to measuring your performance.

2. Write an Attractive Subject Line and Preview Text

The subject line and the preview text can be both your best friends and your worst enemy. Keep it simple and straightforward, remember that the mission of the subject line is to introduce your content in a way that intrigues the recipient to open your message. So, send an email with an attention-grabbing subject line and use the preview text wisely, after all, the 10 words preview is enough to make them decide rather they’ll open the email or not.

3. Talk to their emotions

If you want them to take action after reading your email, you need to talk to their emotions. You can draw their attention by adding social proof or a successful case to your email content and including images expressing the emotion you want to bring out in the readers. The point is to encourage them to click, it can be to read more, or even just to leave their opinion.

Also, be aware and intentional with the design of your CTA button, since specific colors evoke different emotions. For example, orange is often related to energy and optimism. So, make sure your CTA button design reflects the emotion you want your message to cause.

4. Manage your Customer Lifecycle

Managing your customer lifecycle is when you send an email that corresponds to the stage that the customer is in. The whole process includes personalization in all the steps such as considering, adopting, and even maintaining loyalty to your organization’s products or services. So, this will not only contribute to your conversion rate, but it will benefit your relationship in the long term with your customers.

If you send an email that reaches them at the right moment, the chances of getting them to convert are higher.

5. Don’t skip A/B Test

It’s proven that testing your emails leads to higher ROI. You should create content that is aligned with what your audience wants, and not based on what you think they want. Testing your strategies will help you identify the best pathway to take your email campaign. So don’t skip the A/B Test because most of the time, your audience will show you what they want.

6. Keep a good reputation and watch out for Blacklists

Do you want to effectively send your email to get your audience to convert? A very important step to make this happen is to send your emails to a clean list. Sending your campaigns to invalid, misspelled, or incorrect emails will hurt your reputation as a sender and get your domain blacklisted, sending your emails straight to spam. Use email verification tools like Emailable to get rid of bad emails, keep your list always clean, and therefore increase your ROI.

7. Deliverability tool to improve your performance

There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours and energy on an email campaign to find out that it landed in the spam folder. Optimize your email campaign by running an inbox placement report with tools like Deliverability to get insights into your performance and domain authentication. Tools like that provide you with practical suggestions you can apply to your practices as well as let you know if your domain is blacklisted and how to get delisted from them - preventing your email to be sent to spam.

8. Talk about something that matters

Even applying all those tips, your email marketing still going to fall flat, if your emails are not bringing interesting and relevant content to your audience. A good way to find out what your audience is interested in is through a topic research tool. It allows you to know what people are talking about when searching for a specific word or phrase, as well as subtopics that surround the topic you’ve chosen.

Your main goal as a content marketer is to find out what issues your audience is facing and give them a reason to convert, by creating powerful content that helps them achieve the results they want.

Wrapping it up

If you want to grab your audience’s attention and have them convert through your email campaign, your strategy must be customer focused. Your content must bring to the table relevant and powerful information that touches the consumer’s feelings in a way that makes them want to know more and don’t miss that opportunity.

Have a clean list where you can send your emails without worrying about getting your sender’s reputation hurt and blacklisted. Ultimately, don’t skip the A/B test to see what works best for your audience. By following these eight steps you’re on the fast track to sending emails that convert and therefore, generate a positive ROI from your content marketing strategy.

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